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Oscar E. Toscano, Attorney at Law, handles all types of family law cases, including divorces, child custody disputes, child custody mediations, property division, collection of alimony, restraining orders, contempt proceedings,   Orders to Show Cause, and much more. 

Attorney Toscano has 44 years of experience  in family law cases. The following are some examples of the types of family law he practices: 

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Child Custody
In California, there is a presumption that the best interest of the children is to have parents that are frequently and continuously involved in their children's lives. This means that each parent has the right to see their children often and continuously. Neither parent can deny visitation of the other parent. Custody is to be determined in the best interest of the children. To determine what is best for the children, the Court may appoint a lawyer to represent the children, may order a child custody investigation if the parties request it, and/or may order a psychiatric evaluation of all parties involved if the parties request it. Further, it is mandatory for the parties to attend a conciliation court session with a counselor to see if they work out a mutually agreeable parenting plan. This requires compromise. If all fails, then the Court determines custody.

Attorney Oscar E. Toscano can help you represent the best interest of the children. If you are interested, please contact the Law Office of Oscar E. Toscano to set up a consultation.

Family Law